Ari Russo

New York, NY


* SKIN DIVE video series with Luke Wyatt NOW STREAMING on 4:3 By Boiler Room
* DEADWING a new music video with music by DORUDON


* Appearance on Open the Podcast Doors, HAL (2001 themed podcast)


Twigs: Alternate Firmware for Mutable Instruments Branches
VALDYNE; Live in Pasadena. Music Collaboration
PM Entertainment on XLR8R's top 50 tracks of 2014
Dazed Digital interview about London show w/ Psychemagick here
Tech-centric Q&A with Dev Bootcamp
Aqua Vitae on Tiny Mix Tapes
Dazed Digital writeup and interview about Wild Metals here on the May '14 Music Visualization Hackathon here

Selected Projects


ari dot russo at gmail dot com